Your definitions are unclear, reasons blur

Your thoughts are misguided in unnecessary slur

Your edges are rough, so are your body and posture

You haven’t learned a thing, neither salute nor gesture

You are lazy, your brain is useless

You cannot think straight, annoy all of us.

You need to change or we will brawn you

Follow my rules, or penalties will draw on you

Abide by my side, I will guide you

Abundance of my knowledge will drown you

Such is the thought of this world,

Not everyone, more like the leftovers fed

Am I that bad, who do I listen to

Unconditional hatred wants me to bend my knee

I mustn’t be alone, in this obsessive halo of made-up ecstasy

Is his perspective true, do I need to change

Or is it the worlds obsession to bring everyone in their mane

Every being will try to bring you onto their side

Some want to mate, some really hate,

Unlikely scenarios develop on every break.

Perspectives are required for all of this,

Birds, flowers, trees and beasts

True to every being, the one above all goes unseen

Is there an ultimate truth, the one that satisfies all of creation

Or is it relativistic, to all and humane

The facilities are increasing yet our problems multiply

Youth and truth, to all it apply

No one is left of it, all beings cry

No forefathers bless us from the sky

Some have formulated a code, norms they are called

Reduces few problems creates more assault

Assault of free being, assault of thought

Formed as a human, not a carcass to rot

Every soul has a purpose, every things considered

To synchronise with the creation that’s unaltered

That’s the only truth I follow

Hard for some, difficult to swallow

I’m the one who controls me

No party, no palace, no theoretical theme

Some I follow not unnecessary scheme

To think someone need to change is your perception

Does it really apply to all being and every human

If yes you must apply it to yourself first

Does it bring you clarity that you deserve

If not modify it don’t just preserve

Look to the blueish sky, beautiful creation

Hard as it may be, a perspective illusion

Changes are needed but not to physical

More than space and time, we are universal.