I’m a selfless being, not to the core,

Up to a point where hurt doesn’t assert more

True to myself as much as I could be,

Being a transparent eye for the world to see.

The eye of the beholder cannot condemn my soulfulness

Of the creator’s version of blissfulness

No reason no sorrows I abide by

As The law of universe awaits in standby

The beauty of the beings i see

Every part, every crevice to be

 Beyond somethings that they are unaware of

Unimaginable as it could be but not unheard of

What is it that I seek in them

Unsure as i could be, definitely not blood and bones tantrum

Mind and body are just tools I believe

Something is beyond them quintessentially deep

You are too ideal for this world they say

Nature will execute you, humans will slay

Fear in hearts of human will always stay

Nothing gives freedom, you mortal Clay

You are not alone of all the troubles the world has to offer

Burdensome beings we are built to suffer

Noiseless sighs, breathless highs, crowded lows, helpless foes

Bread and butter, skin and teeth

Colour’s of beet,  learning curves steep

Steeper than comprehension of ones imagination

What could happen in one’s beloved nation

Boundaries on paper, unwary of nature

This is me and that is you

Who do I go to, when fallout’s happen all the way through

Goodness is a deed, responsive it should be

Crippled by your abilities to act, not  willingness I see

Move your energies in untethered transparency

Cleanliness of thoughts, will root with ecstasy

The power to respond is beyond everything

Incomparable in itself, greater than every being

Pray to the creator or become one to create

Ways are everywhere, needing a key to instantiate

Bring me fire, bring me flow

Of all the goodness, beautifying glow

Touch the soul within me that exists

Unselfishly selfish kindness that persists.