Remind yourself of who you are,

Remember why you are here!

These are the most intriguing things people say

I don’t understand them,

Do we really need reasons to stay?

Bring your fire, burn the negativity

Shine like the sun, loose the captivity

Break the laws, up rise the heavens

Boost your confidence, success due summons

Beat the devil, bring up the stakes

Take your chances, fortune awaits

These are all they continue to say.

My version is,

Forget the success, nothing will stay, My fortunes can’t pay

True happiness is within you, No one can judge, no one has to

I am the sole authority for myself, the caretaker

I am the fire, I am the creator

Of peace within me, not some fortune maker

You cannot nudge me, nor can you break me

I control myself, non shall take me

I cannot change the surroundings myself,

but I can act

I can be responsive of what is around me

Not just the flesh and bones shelf intact

Do you feel the pain? Do you bleed?

You are no god, tiny pile of meat.

You have limitations, you cannot comprehend the size of this world

Leave alone the universe, they say

I can be whatever I want,

It’s the perception not the size that’s crucial

An ant can comprehend a seed,

But the size of the same tree becomes superficial.

Does that make the ant less responsive?

You say

A fly can flee, a bee can sting

A pine tree dries out, some roses stink

A human does fight, in all its might

A spider cobs web, an eagle loses sight

Does that stop them from being responsive to their surroundings?

You say.

These events are all inconsequential

Making sense of apples falling,

Does not make spacetime weaker

Do we really need laws and norms to functions?

Or it is a burden laden to us, beyond convention.

You say.